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     IWKA Wing Tjun is a unique form of Wing Tjun based on the Three Treasures of Chinese Martial Arts: Philosophy, Health and the Martial Part -  the balance of these three aspects is so crucially important and severely lacking in many of the well known branches of Wing Chun today.

     Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola has been studying Wing Chun intensively for the last 25 years of which 10 years, devoted in almost full time research into the arts history, philosophy, concepts and principles of this martial art.

     It’s this hard work that made the difference; the rediscovered gems that make up the base of the IWKA Wing Tjun system and laid the foundation for the curriculum by initially putting together the pieces of various lineages found throughout China and Southeast Asia then systematically putting back together.

     In doing so, Sifu Sergio has  managed to preserve a piece of Chinese culture while at the same time preparing students for today’s needs for realistic self-defense on the streets with an emphasis on developing your body mind and energy to higher levels than the average human being.

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