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A Healthier Way to Manage Stress

In modern society, managing a large amount of stress has become the norm. It's no surprise hearing someone talk about how many responsibilities they have or how many things are simultaneously trying to juggle at once.   We also know that stress is harmful.  It affects not only the mind, but the body as well. It affects how the body stores fat, our sleep patterns, blocks the production of endorphins, and predisposes us to high blood pressure (hyper tension). Stress wreaks havoc on our entire body, from digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous and endocrine systems.

Our programs offers a way to burn calories quickly, keep metabolism high, and offers a high dose of stress relief. You will release endorphins - the feel good hormone which is important to counteract against the harmful effects of stress. A full body martial arts system like Wing Tjun additionally helps to create a coping mechanism for stress.

Martial arts such as Wing Tjun Kung Fu and such were created with the goal of preparing a warrior's spirit-mind-and body. Implementing the seven capabilities of Wing Tjun through our program offers practitioner’s the means to develop these same skills needed to build a powerful coping method that improves all aspects of our lives.

Moreover, our programs off you something that kickboxing cardio classes, gyms or even a personal trainer cannot provide. A proven self-defense system that is logic and scientifically based on principles of physics and body mechanics.  Activating both the body and mind with Wing Tjun classes offers another way to further reduce the stress of everyday life and prepare us for a better and healthier way to handle whatever comes our way.