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Wing Tjun 'Kung Fu 4 Kids' & Teens Wing Tjun

An excellent example of the IWKA Kids program from one of our affiliate schools in Hong Kong.

The children of the present day lead very different lives than we did twenty or thirty years ago. In the modern day, too many children spend their childhood in front of a screen whether it be surfing the internet or watching television. Physical exercise is neglected, and this is a sad reality for many as it affects the overall health and development of their growing bodies.

Children are also exposed to much more graphic and violent images than ever before. It is no wonder that yet still sad to think these children may grow up experiencing behavioral problems which exacerbate into a host of other problems. 

We realize that it is no longer enough to teach children the physical skills of martial arts – in fact, this is no longer relevant in our modern society. As violence has evolved, we have had to evolve our approach to preventing and managing it. Essentially, we do not need to teach children how to fight; we need to teach them to identify potential violent and dangerous situations, how to avoid or de-escalate them, and only as a last resort, use physical power to protect themselves. 

A good chance to create balance and therefore a higher quality of life for children is martial arts training. Through a physically demanding workout that improves students’ condition and coordination and sharpens the senses, children are taught self-defense in a safe and friendly environment while under constant competent supervision.

This is how, by playing, they become able to assess potentially dangerous situations and to take measures to avoid them. Through role-play, where instructors imitate the aggressor, students are shown ways to put up verbal and bodily barriers, to call for help when in need and to effectively defend themselves when the latter is no longer possible.

The children learn to know their bodies’ limits and are taught ways to direct their energy on reasonable paths. Moreover, children’s self assertion and character development is worked upon in great depth.

Our program’s goal is to promote activity, safety and confidence in children. A combination of violence prevention and de-escalation skills make up the Kungfu for kids program, along with an effective self defense technique based on Wing Tjun Kung Fu.


The IWKA Kids Wing Tjun programme is a Kung Fu, Self-defence, Violence prevention and Character building program for Kids aged 4 -15 yrs. An innovative concept in Martial Arts for children, that is much more than just an extracurricular activity….

Kung Fu is so much more then teaching you to “Kick, Block, and Punch….

We offer a light hearted and fun way to learn effective, child appropriate self defence techniques. Developed and specifically designed to meet the needs of kids and teens in today’s society.
The curriculum is made up of games, realistic role-play, exercises and competitions to suit children’s needs, alongside the use of self assertiveness training; your child will learn how to assert themselves without resorting to violence. All kids classes at IWKA are given by Enthusiastic and Certified Kids Instructors. The children stay motivated thanks to our exiting, challenging and enjoyable IWKA Kids System.

Whether its playground bullies or strangers on the street, children will learn proven self-defense techniques and skills that will give them the confidence to stand up for themselves when necessary so that they can avoid conflicts, de-escalate potentially dangerous situations, and most importantly stay safe. In addition, the IWKA Kids program will help give your child the best start in life and provide them with that extra edge to help them become pleasant and secure adults.

Whether you want to improve your child’s concentration so they are more focused at school, or want your child to gain confidence and learn skills to keep them safe, the internationally successful IWKA Kids Wing Tjun program can help.


Our unique teens self-defense program follows the Adults Wing Tjun curriculum but is taught with today’s teenager in mind. The modern teenager is always on the go, in a world full of challenges and they need to know how to protect themselves and stay safe. Learning in a relaxed and fun environment, with teens their own age, it doesn’t take long for our students to start learning the skills necessary to help them avoid conflict, deescalate potentially dangerous situations and stay safe.

What your teenagers will learn:

How to deal with Bullying: (verbal, physical and Cyber Bullying)
Stranger Danger: self-protection game plans for children to identify sinister and/or inappropriate behavior from an adult.
Anti-Abduction Drills: skills and tactic’s to escape from a predator.

How to prevent getting picked on by their peers.
How to develop a self protection game-plan.
Understanding a predators rituals.
Knowing when to say NO.
Understanding fear & intuition.
How to resist peer pressure & make positive choices.

How to defend against bullies.
How to defend from the ground or prone positions.
Defence against chokes, head locks, take downs, bear hugs, etc.
How to defend against larger and multiple attackers.
How to defend against adult attackers.