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Wing Tjun Kung Fu

Wing Tjun is an ancient Chinese system of self defense in its most uncomprimising form. Wing Tjun is an efficient concept based martial art which utilizes both striking and grappling while specializing in close-range combat. 
The primary focus of Wing Tjun is to defend against an attacker and end the confrontation as quickly as possible. A main objective of Wing Tjun is to be a realistic system of self-defense. Rather than focusing on fighting 'techniques' Wing Tjun focuses on principles of fighting and power which are to be followed at all times. The central idea being that under pressure it is impossible to visually recognize the precise direction and speed of an attack and make a conscious decision on the most effective way to react within such a brief window of time before an attack lands.

Wing Tjun focuses on principles of fighting and power, five distances, and four dimensions which are to be followed at all times. In Wing Tjun, one must counter attack immediately in a very direct and protected manner relying on reflexes to determine how to react. Students learn a softness which prevents restrictions in movement using minimal movements to achieve the necessary and most efficient course of action.

The 12 Student Grades cover the 5 Ranges of Self Defense (Kicking, Punching, Knees & Elbows & Anti-Grappling), Defending (Lat Sao), Pre-preemptive Striking (BlitzDefense), Multi-Assailant, Weapons Defense & Control/Restraint. In addition, the Student Grades covers the most important aspects of the WingTsun System – Forms (Siu Nim Tao & Chum Kiu) AND Chi Sao (Sticking Hands).

It is considered one of the best martial arts for unarmed self defense taught in more than sixty countries all over the world. 

We offer weekly classes, private instruction and seminars/workshops for IWKA Wing Tjun.