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Sifu Buğra Ünalmış

IWKA National Director of Turkey

WTSD Founder & Chief Instructor




Sifu Buğra Ünalmış was born in 1973 in Balıkesir, Turkey. He attended Naval High School and Naval Academy successively and graduated in 1995 as a Naval Officer.


He went on to attend Monterey, California’s Naval Post Graduate School’s in the Electronics department between 1999-2001. After completion of his master’s education, he returned to Turkey. Sifu Buğra began his Wing Tsun journey in 2002 with the Avcı Wing Tsun Kung Fu system.


From 2007-2018 Buğra Ünalmış has consistently pursued his education in the Leung Ting Wing Tsun system; first with Çifçi Wing Tsun and later the Wing Tsun Live Organization. Sifu Buğra has been instructing since 2009 and in 2015 was awarded the title of Sifu. In 2017, he reached the level of 4TG while at the same time educating hundreds of students Wing Tsun in several locations throughout Istanbul.


Establishing the Mind & Body Cultivation Association in April of 2018, he decided to both further and expand his Wing Tsun journey using the teachings of other Wing Chun lineages especially regarding the internal aspects of the art. While appreciating all his Sifus for what they have taught him so far, he has taken the next step towards mastery by working together with and under the guidance of Grandmaster Dai Sifu Sergio Iadarola, founder of the IWKA System.